Development Services

Carimi is a full service general contractor and developer that brings expertise to all phases of a project from conception to completion. Not only do we perform and manage the construction activities, but can also provide integral insight on decisions for property owners. In many cases, Carimi is not sent over plans and specs from an architect or engineer, but steps in on the front-end to help them develop their plan and design. This service greatly reduces the constructability issues that are found on every job, as well as keeps the project more economical by identifying more budget friendly options in both materials and means and methods prior to engineering and design. Not only does this make our job as the general contractor less difficult, but also reduces both the cost incurred by our clients and project durations by reducing the adjustments required to solve these issues when caught in the field, as they are identified prior to commencing construction. Furthermore, David Carimi has extensive experience in evaluating properties before purchases are made and can evaluate their current versus potential value once renovated or fully developed thanks to his years of success working for and as a developer prior to starting Carimi Construction and Development.