Today’s construction environment has become a highly sophisticated industry—one that requires a diverse range of defined skills and top technologies. But to succeed in historic restoration—especially in our storied city, New Orleans—a company also needs special instincts for preservation and an intimate understanding of how to bring the best of the past and join it with the present. New Orleans isn’t just a place people live, it’s a place people love. At Carimi Construction & Development, we want to contribute to the community and the historic landscape that attract so many people to the city in the first place. With that in mind, we go beyond technical skill. We add research, skilled craftsmanship, architectural integrity and experience to bring yesterday’s gem to today’s marketplace.

All construction projects—no matter the size or type—require a team that can manage a full range of services while fostering collaboration between the team’s designers, architects, engineers, and project owners. No team can succeed without working together and communicating with one another in a highly efficient and effective manner. Carimi Construction & Development can provide and/or enhance a project’s needs by providing two primary service areas of project consulting: project scheduling and project management. Within these two areas, Carimi Construction & Development offers an array of services that can enhance any existing project team, or if a project’s need is greater, we can provide a full-service management team. At Carimi Construction & Development, we use our talent and tenacity to help our clients keep their projects—no matter how challenging or complex—on track and on top.