716 Governor Nicholls

Developer Richard Williams hired Carimi work alongside Harry Baker Smith Architects II on the conversion of the historic Spanish Stables building in to condominiums at 716 Gover Nicholls. This was a true design-build project that Carimi would then be responsible for as the general contractor as well. After the digging of wells and installation of geothermal A/C units, the building received all new electrical, cable and internet infrastructure to modernize, as well as a repaired and repainted exterior that kept the historical feel. In addition, much of the existing materials were reused in the remodel and as decorative items to finish the units. It was recently announced that this project was selected as the recipient of the 2016 Vieux Carre Foundation Award of Excellence for design and construction work.

Carimi Construction’s experience with challenging projects, particularly those involving oversight in historic preservation areas, is a benefit to owners and architects alike. Their understanding of the process, the construction means, methods, and acceptable materials, allows Carimi to deliver a superb end product in a cost effective manner. Harry Baker Smith Architects II