Company Profile

Our Mission Statement

With a steadfast spirit of honesty and integrity, Carimi Construction & Development will contribute to excellence in construction and community in New Orleans by: 

  • Preserving and enhancing our storied city’s historical treasures 
  • Focusing on our clients' needs and vision
  • Exceeding expectations for clients, contractors, team members, community members and all involved

We go beyond technical skill and add research, craftsmanship and instinct to bring yesterday’s gem to today’s marketplace. 

We are committed to fostering a collaborative and creative approach to our projects, regardless of size and scope. We relish an opportunity to meet constraints and challenges head-on. Custom is king at Carimi Construction & Development. There is no one-size-fits-all mentality.

We pride ourselves on being recognized for quality work, diligence, and above all, our integrity. 

Carimi Construction & Development is proud of the multi-discipline professionals we’ve assembled to take our client’s ideas from dream to reality. Our team is:

EMPOWERED (We count on our team to problem-solve and make critical decisions.)

ENCOURAGED (We reward outstanding performance and personal excellence.)

EXPERIENCED (We bring together the best in education, expertise and leading-edge technology to present a team-approach that is on task, on budget, on time and on the same page.) 

We know New Orleans isn’t just a place people live, it’s a place people love. 

And that means us, too. We live in, work in, and care deeply about our commitment to our community. We bring our unique approach to this unique city and think you’ll find unique—and unmatched—results with Carimi Construction & Development.